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How To Generate a Dynamic Phone Number QR Code for Scan To Call Service

August 12, 2022 |

URLgenius offers a unique dynamic QR code generator with a patented process for phone numbers (or SMS or Email) that allow the scanner to immediately place a call to the right number on any device— no more fumbling around try to find the right number Dynamic you can control the destination of the QR and scan— whether the QR opens a web page, an email, an SMS text or an app (in this case, the phone app). This post shows you how to create one step-b-step!Read More

Smarter App Install Banners: A Radically Easy Approach To Grow Organic App Installs

August 6, 2020 |

App install banners can be a powerful tool for driving organic app installs and yet many companies still do not use them or deploy solutions with limited success. This blog post will tell you how to implement banners for your your website designed to accelerate organic installs while lowering your cost per install (CPI).Read More

iOS 14 and Tracking Consent Requirements Cast Doubt Over Attribution Platforms

June 30, 2020 |

Apple is making moves to gain more control over advertising and attribution. No matter which app you need to link into or whether it’s web banners, deferred deep linking or custom QR codes. Now is the time for marketers and agencies to think differently and consider privacy-centric platforms that let you break free from attribution SDKs while lowering your acquisition and re-engagement costs.Read More

Google’s Unified App and Web Reporting Inspires New Deep Linking Strategies

September 25, 2019 |

Google’s unified app and web analytics will help marketers discover new engagement insights as customers move between the app and website from different marketing channels. Google’s new unified view can help marketers understand and predict the consumer journey which in turn can help the business create better brand and commerce experiences. Marketers from the web and app teams should work together to develop new deep link strategies for campaigns across channels. Deep link platforms allow the marketer to manually or dynamically append UTM parameters to both the web and app destinations all within a single link.Read More

4 Ways Music Marketers Can Increase Mobile Conversion

September 16, 2019 |

App deep links for Spotify and other music streaming apps can be used in any marketing channel. Here are four innovative tactics that you should try right now. Read More

5 App Deep Linking Myths

September 6, 2019 |

The links you find in emails, display ads, search results or just about any marketing channel nowadays will often open a mobile app instead of a website. This capability is important for marketers and advertisers because user experience is … Read More

Apple and Google Block Cross-Site Tracking Here’s What Marketers Need to Do

June 3, 2019 |

As agencies and marketers plan for Q4, there are radical changes brewing within the online advertising ecosystem. Privacy concerns are forcing profound changes to online tracking that will change the availability of targeted audiences for retargeting and other marketing. The result is an industry shift that places greater focus on social marketing as well as first-party marketing tactics. Attribution as we know it today will change. No more installing SDKs that use fingerprinting and cross-site tracking. Instead, Apple and Google both advocate the same best practice when it comes to attribution: appending parameters to pass data from one destination to the website or mobile app. Read More