The growth of Amazon revenue across all product categories has forever changed the retail competitive landscape. It is estimated that Amazon will capture a staggering 40% of all ecommerce in 2022. An amazing achievement.

Many brands, sellers, and affiliates are also riding the wave of Amazon’s success as the company stores, packs and ships third party goods through its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. In 2020, there were over 6 million Amazon sellers worldwide. Although active sellers are a fraction of total sellers, Amazon is adding over 2 thousand third-party sellers to it’s platform each day.

Deep linking to the Amazon shopping app is important for both Amazon sellers and Amazon affiliates because it can dramatically increase conversion rates while avoiding logins to the Amazon mobile website. Remember, consumers prefer the Amazon app so when you link to a product from social media or another marketing channel, the link must open the app while passing attribution tags to track the sale and/or commission.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Amazon

For Amazon sellers, linking into the Amazon app increases sales and gets more shoppers into the funnel for remarketing. This increase in sales velocity also increases organic on-site search product rankings. So for sellers, driving non-Amazon traffic back into the Amazon app is a “win-win” all around!

The same concept applies to Amazon affiliates. For example, Amazon affiliates also often use social media to promote curated products to an audience that is likely to purchase. Linking to the products in the Amazon app while passing your affiliate tags is the key to getting credit for the sale. The regular Amazon links when clicked from social media will send the shopper to the Amazon mobile web login which results in almost zero conversion.

QR Code Tip: Every URLgenius app deep link has a corresponding QR code. Create a branded custom QR code to use online or offline to promote your Amazon store and product listings. Use in posters, retail displays, tradeshows and on giveaways.

App Linking to Product Pages in the Amazon Shopping App

URLgenius can help marketers increase conversion by driving more traffic into the Amazon app. Whether you are an Amazon seller, an affiliate, or an agency you can instantly update Amazon store, category and product links so the links can detect and open the Amazon app when it is found on the user’s mobile device.

App deep linking to the Amazon Shopping app vs. mobile website avoids the mobile web login and will help you increase engagement, product consideration and ultimately revenue.

For example, the following link leads to a Sony camera:

This link has the letters ‘gp’ in the path. Amazon links can also have the letters “dp” in the path or the word “product” plus the product name or 10 digit product identifier. When updating the link you don’t need navigational tags.

Pro Tip: Amazon Seller Attribution and App Deep Linking

When promoting Amazon links in non-Amazon marketing channels like social media it’s important to include Amazon Attribution tags. If you haven’t done so yet, join the Amazon Attribution program for Amazon sellers. This will allow you to append tags to your product links so you can attribute sales to non-Amazon channels. URLgenius is a Verified Amazon Partner and can pass these tags when opening the Amazon app to certain screens. In addition, Amazon is offering a 10% discount on their fee on each sale when sales are tracked through Amazon Attribution. URLgenius is mentioned in this Amazon case study as a key part of a successful campaign.

Pro Tip: Amazon Affiliate Attribution and App Deep Linking

Amazon provides a link generator for Amazon Associates that lets them update links and append their affiliate tags which enable tracking for commissions. Generate your affiliate link in the Amazon affiliate system then update that link with URLgenius. You do not need to include navigational tags or search tags. Check out this URLgenius case study where the Affiliate tripled sales compared to regular Amazon product links. Always use URLgenius when promoting affiliate links in non-Amazon channels.

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Step-by-Step: Amazon App Deep Linking

  • URLgenius users can follow these steps to update Amazon links:
  • Navigate to the store or product page and copy the link from the address bar of your browser.
  • You only need the root product link – do not include navigation tags.
  • Here’s an example:
  • As mentioned above if you are an Amazon Associate (affiliate) generate your Amazon affiliate link with tags first to ensure that you get credit for the in-app sale.
  • If you are an Amazon seller and you are in the Amazon Attribution program, first create your product link to include attribution tags or alternatively, you can authenticate your Amazon Attribution account in the settings of your URLgenius account. Once you authenticate your Amazon Seller account, URLgenius will append the tags for you.
  • Enter your Amazon link into the box on the URLgenius home page.

  • In the screenshot below we are creating a deep link to the Sony camera.
  • When pasting the link notice the Amazon icon is highlighted.
  • This tells you that URLgenius understands the link type you pasted.

Amazon App Deep Links Dramatically Increase Sales Here's How

  • Notice the field that lets you customize the end of the link.
  • Customize this part to match the product or campaign which makes it easy to find the link in your URLgenius dashboard when viewing analytics.
  • Click the “Compose” button which takes you to the settings page where you can copy the link to paste into your campaign.
  • Scan the QR code with your mobile device to test the behavior of the link.

Amazon App Deep Linking Analytics with URLgenius

URLgenius App Deep Linking Analytics for Amazon

You can login to URLgenius anytime to understand many times the link was clicked and how many times to the app was opened. Here’s a chart that shows clicks and app opens.

Amazon App Deep Linking URLgenius Analytics

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics f

  • The next chart below shows Amazon app opens by platform.
  • This gives you can estimate what percentage if your audience has the Amazon app for iOS and Android installed.

Amazon App Deep Linking URLgenius Analytics

  • This chart shows you approximately where your audience is clicking from:
Amazon App Deep Linking Analytics with URLgenius

Remember that all URLgenius data is anonymous and not personally identifiable. URLgenius is fully compliant with the latest privacy policies from Apple and Google and your links never collect your customer information.

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