July 4, 2014

Deep linking Beyond Facebook App Links

Earlier this week, Facebook announced a new enhancement to its App Link technology. Connecting between a Facebook ad or post into an app is now easier.

While this announcement certainly drives momentum for deeplinking and is great for Facebook in terms of making Facebook ads perform better, it doesn’t help the vast majority of companies and marketers that:

  • haven’t yet made their app deep-linkable
  • are looking to acquire more mobile Facebook followers and likes

We seem to be hearing about these kinds of innovations every week. Mostly, they are being driven by the Internet giants who are understandably trying to each grow their piece of the pie.

As John Battelle points out in this recent post, today’s web lacks a connective tissue between mobile apps. A universal, neutral solution that enables seamless interoperability between web properties – be it a mobile app, site or ad or social profile. I couldn’t agree more and it’s one of the reasons we launched URLgenius.

In order for the mobile web to reach its full potential, we have to look beyond the walled gardens of the Internet giants and think about how all of these individual innovations can work better together.

Hopefully, Facebook’s App Links spur more developers to enable URL schemes and improve their Facebook ads. If they do, there will be more opportunities to grow including deeplinking other ad channels such as email marketing, SMS, SEM, etc. Until then, we still have a ways to go.

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