January 24, 2024

How to Generate Target Plus Mobile App URLs Using Your Brand’s Domain to Open the App

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You: A Target seller, affiliate, or influencer looking to skyrocket your Target sales. Right? The key is to strategically link to the Target app from all your “off-site” marketing channels, including your website, social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok), paid search campaigns, emails, SMS text messages, websites, and even QR codes. This comprehensive approach not only maximizes conversion by avoiding website logins but also opens the door to increased sales of complementary products and valuable remarketing opportunities.

Imagine it as a numbers game: by optimizing Target app engagement across every possible channel, you significantly increase your chances of success. Transforming the shopping journey into a branded experience involves creating a specialized mobile app URL for Target affiliates that seamlessly integrates with your brand’s domain. This personalized touch ensures the Target app opens to the desired shop, store, or product screen, returning to the Target website if the app isn’t installed.

First, let’s consider the Target app and website and how they connect to your off-site campaigns and branding your links.

Check out this brief video about branded app links for marketplaces.

Custom-Branded Target Plus Mobile App URLs for Affiliates, Influencers, and Sellers

Why the emphasis on the Target app? Well, the majority of Target shoppers globally prefer the app over the website when using their phone’s browser. And to win that numbers game, your links should ideally open the app if it’s already installed.

But here’s the catch: regular links for Target often redirect shoppers to the web login page, impacting sales, remarketing opportunities, and product rankings. This is known as the ‘walled garden.’

It is not Target’s fault, but rather an industry-wide one, and it is critical to address this issue to increase conversion and fill your remarketing funnels. You are still driving traffic to the Target online login even if you use a different platform to merely brand the standard Target links for your shop, business, or products and utilize those in your off-site promotions. That’s why it’s critical to always use URLgenius’ custom Target app URLs when branding your Target links

When directed from various marketing channels, the regular Target link sends your visitor to the corresponding page on your smartphone's web browser, where they need to log in tto their account to purchase, which hurts conversion and remarketing.

You can employ URLgenius to quickly modify your Target Plus links so they launch the app because there is no installation required and the branded link feature is simple to enable (step-by-step instructions below). Remember, not only will your branded URLgenius links for Target improve sales by opening the app, but everyone who does not buy during that click session will be added to your retargeting funnel. To track the effectiveness of your campaigns, just put Target Associate tags in your links, or Target Attribution tags if you’re a merchant.

A URLgenius link for Target opens to the right store or product screen in the app so your shopper can engage and purchase immediately

If you haven’t yet, learn more about how to link to the Amazon app from Facebookto Amazon from Instagram ads, or how to create an Amazon QR code that opens the app to a store or a specific product.

Now, let’s talk about branding your Target links!

Beyond ensuring they open the Target app, another crucial aspect of optimizing your off-site Target marketing is branding your links. While using the URLgenius domain is acceptable, using your brand’s domain can lead to a higher click-through rate because your audience may not be familiar with our platform.

For example, if I am an influencer or a Target seller, and I would like to promote this product link:

I would just enter that link into the URLgenius homepage to create a Target app deep link, which would look something like this—and notice how we changed the end to match this specific

If you used your brand’s domain to create the identical link, it would look like

Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to customize your Target links. If you’re still not convinced this is worthwhile, watch this video testimonial from an Amazon influencer who witnessed a 300% boost in sales and commissions!

Steps for Your Web Team or Hosting Provider

One additional step that your web team or hosting provider needs to take involves setting up a CName Record and pointing the word for your subdomain to URLgenius. This typically takes just a minute, and your team will be familiar with the process. Provide them with the following instructions:

  • To turn on branding, click ‘Settings‘ from the URLgenius menu
  • Click the ‘URL Branding’ tab
  • You’ll see this form to fill out:
  • Choose a word like ‘shop’, ‘buy’, or ‘links’ and enter it in the ‘Subdomain’
  • Enter the name of your main domain in the ‘Domain’ filed
  • Your Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the suffix for your website, such as com or net
  • URLgenius shows you a preview of the link structure based on what you entered
  • Then click the button ‘Start the URL Branding Process

2x-4x Higher Sales with Target Plus Branded URLgenius App Deep Links

Now, you might wonder, ‘How does a branded link make a difference?’ It’s a fair question. Consider this: do you sometimes hesitate when you encounter an unfamiliar domain? If, as a customer, you click on a Target link behind a social ad, would you think twice if you saw a strange domain? Building trust is not the only reason for generating a branded Target link to open the app—it’s about profit and conversion!

By using your brand’s domain, you instill credibility and trust in your links, boosting the click-through rate. This, in turn, improves sales and remarketing opportunities, and creates a seamless, self-reinforcing system with the Target app, regardless of the off-site channel. Importantly, if the customer doesn’t have the Target app installed, they will be directed to the Target website.

Additionally, consider the SEO aspect. If your domain has achieved SEO success, using a unique, branded link enhances your ability to leverage that success. It’s not just about creating a link; it’s about utilizing your domain’s authority when running search and social ads.

A word of caution: not all branded link generator platforms are equal. Exercise caution with low-cost or free app-deep linking solution providers or those claiming to be ‘alternatives to URLgenius.’ Such claims should be approached with skepticism.

The Preferred App Deep Linking Platform for Target Sellers, Influencers, and Affiliates

URLgenius is the preferred app deep linking platform for Target sellers, influencers, and associates. If your Target sales need a boost, and you’re contemplating “off-site” campaigns, we’re here to assist. Your links can be set up on the same day you sign up for the platform, and URL branding can also be implemented promptly, allowing you to kickstart your campaigns without delay.

We are committed to supporting you with your Target campaigns. Contact us with any questions at regarding Target Plus app deep linking. Elevate your Target sales strategy today!

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