January 25, 2024

How Target Plus Influencers and Affiliates Can Generate Affiliate Links to Open the App from a Facebook Group

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Are you a Target Plus influencer, affiliate, or seller who actively engages with hundreds, if not thousands, of loyal followers on Facebook groups? If you run a Facebook group that happens to be central to your Target product marketing strategy, this post is for you!

Today, we’ll show you a game-changing tool for creating Target mobile app links or URLs (or any other e-commerce platform) that effortlessly launch the app, from your Facebook group. For individuals who rely significantly on Facebook groups as a major promotional platform, this connection approach is the key to increasing commissions.

Standard Target Plus affiliate links posted in Facebook groups do not reach their conversion potential!

Regular affiliate links shared in Facebook groups fall short of their conversion potential. Let’s look at why this is the case, and how it is affecting your commission profits.

Target app in front of Target bags

Imagine you, a Target Plus influencer, affiliate, or seller, are leveraging your influence to promote products you happen to be featuring for the day, week, month, etc. You frequently share links to Target (and possibly other marketplace platforms) in your Facebook group, a community where your followers discuss items and share their experiences and opinions.

Consider the shopper—an enthusiastic Target shopper (with the app downloaded on her phone!) who follows your Facebook group and frequently purchases things based on your recommendations.

Assume you’ve just offered a great deal on some cleaning supplies. Cheryl, one of your fans, sees it and thinks, “Hm, I’ve been running a bit low on my supplies myself. This is perfect!”’ So she clicks on the Target link you shared in the Facebook group.

Instead of being directed straight into the Target Plus app, the Target product page is displayed in Facebook’s integrated browser within the Facebook app. Cheryl is locked in this browser and must log into her Target account on the mobile website to finalize her purchase after adding the item to her cart.

Cheryl, frustrated, hops off the Facebook app and goes to the Target Plus app on her own. She searches for the product, and it appears as the first result. Within seconds, she decides to buy the desired product.

When directed from Facebook or other marketing channels, the regular Target link sends your visitor to the corresponding page on your smartphone's web browser, where they need to log in to their account to purchase, which hurts conversion and remarketing.

Perfect! Right? Eh, not exactly. You’ve lost the credit for the purchase, and thus your commission! All because a pesky link didn’t do the job you assumed it would.

The good news is that URLgenius can help you skyrocket those affiliate commissions by simply launching the app instantaneously, while also passing your affiliate attribution tags. Now that’s what we call an efficient affiliate link!

How? It’s simple: use the URLgenius affiliate app link generator to change the original Target link into a deep link (also known as a mobile app URL). From there, replace the standard links with our state-of-the-art Target Plus affiliate app deep links. Again, these new URLgenius link will take your followers to the correct screen in the Target Plus app, ensuring that you are credited for the sale.

This generator works for other marketplace apps such as Amazon, Walmart, Mercado Libre, and others!

So, why are your Target Plus affiliate links not opening in the app?

Before we go into the step-by-step tutorial on how to generate your new-and-improved links, let’s first explain why the linking issue exists in the first place. Why was your follower stuck in the Facebook app rather than being routed to the Target Plus app?

Well, it’s because of something we in the business call “the ‘walled garden.” This refers to the web login friction experienced while switching from one app to another.

The walled garden, a common barrier in many apps, serves to keep users within the app they are using. Originally meant to keep users within particular apps to increase the time spent in said apps, today’s consumers prefer a seamless transition between apps, whether shopping, banking, or even other social apps.

A URLgenius link for Target opens the corresponding screen in the app so that your shopper can engage and purchase immediately.

URLgenius’ unique technology simplifies the app-to-app experience, which results in higher commissions and measurable sales for affiliates.

Now, let’s go over how to upgrade your Target Plus links with a URLgenius deep link that launches the Target Plus app from your Facebook group!

Step-by-Step: How to Generate an Affiliate Mobile App URL to Open the Target Plus App from a Facebook Group Post

Using URLgenius, you can easily create a deep link for the Target Plus app. There is no need for technical expertise, and nothing needs to be installed.

URLgenius home page - Target Plus affiliate app link generator

Additionally, we’re able to pass those Target Plus attribution tags (seller or affiliate) in-app from social media without the use of SDKs. Follow these steps to update your campaign links in an instant!

Create your affiliate link as you normally would and enter it into URLgenius. Remember that if you don’t include your affiliate tags, Target Plus won’t be able to track your commission.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate app link

The Target Plus logo is highlighted, showing that URLgenius recognizes the link you pasted. Customize the end of the link to match your campaign for easy identification.

Click “Compose,” which will take you to the settings page for your Target Plus app deep link. Copy the link and include it in your Facebook group. Scan the QR code to test the link’s functioning.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate app QR code

Browse through the various features on the settings page. Contact us if you’d like to see a demo of all of the different features.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate app link routing options

Pro Tip: Although your app deep link may look lke the provided example, you can utilize your brand’s domain for all of your app deep links. This not only expands your brand’s reach, but also builds credibility among your followers. Check out this step-by-step video on how to brand your app links.

QR Codes for Opening the Target Plus App

So, are you running a multi-channel campaign? Good news! Every URLgenius app deep link comes with a QR code.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate app QR code customization

Create QR codes for products on Target Plus and other e-commerce platforms that may be used both online and offline. Use them for videos, posters, displays, events, tradeshows, and giveaway campaigns.

If someone scans and buys, you get that extra sale and that commission (if applicable!). Simply click ‘QR Design Studio’ to customize and download your Target Plus QR code.

Generate Target Plus App Affiliate Deep Links, and Increase Sales & Commissions

More in-app interaction leads to increased revenue—need we say more? It’s time to boost your social media campaigns with URLgenius affiliate links that open the desired app!

At URLgenius, we’re here to help. Reach out to for a demo or if you have any questions about Target Plus app deep links and QR codes. Improve your affiliate marketing plan today!

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