February 20, 2024

How to Generate Nordstrom Affiliate Links to Open the App from Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups are a common and useful way for influencers and affiliates to keep loyal followers updated on all the latest products they’re promoting. And if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, we’re going to go ahead and assume that chances are that you’re one of the two!

With this post, we’re going to show you how to generate mobile app deep links (also known as mobile app URLs) that open the Nordstrom app from your Facebook group. This is a key tool to increase commissions for anyone who uses Facebook as a major platform for product promotion.

Learn more about what we mean when we talk about mobile app deep linking in this informational YouTube video!

Why are my affiliate links for Nordstrom not opening in the app?

Okay, so before we show you how to update your links, let’s dig into why you need them in the first place. In other words, why was your follower kept in the Facebook app instead of being taken to the Nordstrom app (or Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc)?

The walled garden. The walled garden, as coined by the industry, is that web login friction when attempting to go from app to app.
The walled garden—a barrier attached to nearly every app out there, mind you—works specifically to keep users in the app they are using. (This probably made sense years ago, when apps fiercely competed with each other for users’ eyeballs.)

When a user clicks on a link within a social app or any app, they’re sent to the login page of the destination app—in this case, Nordstrom—thus keeping them in the “walls” of the Facebook app.

When directed from Facebook or other marketing channels, the regular Nordstrom link sends your visitor to the corresponding pages on your smartphone's web browser, where they need to log in to their account to purchase, which hurts conversion and remarketing.

Today, however, consumers prefer to be sent directly from app to app as they shop, do their banking, or whatever it is that the app does or offers, and we at URLgenius have a patented process to make the app-to-app journey easier. This also means more commissions and measurable sales for affiliates!

Alright, let’s go ahead and jump into it! Here are all the steps you need to update your Nordstrom links with a URLgenius deep link that opens the Nordstrom app from your Facebook group!

Standard Nordstrom Affiliate Links Posted in Facebook Groups Interfere With Maximizing Commissions

Okay, so let’s get into it! Why is it that your regular Nordstrom affiliate links can’t fulfill their sales potential (and thus commission potential!)? Well, let’s illustrate a little scenario for you to send our point home.

You: Influencer or affiliate who promotes the Nordstrom product of the day, week, or month on their Facebook group (or even Instagram, and/or any other social channel!). Your followers are always keeping an eye on what product you’ll be posting next, so you’ve got a lot of sales potential there!

Your followers: These are your devoted base, avid Nordstrom shoppers who look to your taste in clothes, accessories, fragrances, or whatever else you may be promoting with each post.

Fashion blogger influencer wearing pink blazer

Now let’s say that you’ve just shared a link to a Nordstrom page dedicated to dresses perfect for Valentine’s Day. Your follower, let’s call her Maya, clicks on this link—hoping to find the perfect Valentine’s date night dress, of course.

Sure, your Nordstrom affiliate link takes her to the right page, but not in the Nordstrom app—she’s stuck in Facebook’s embedded browser. While not a problem as Maya peruses the page’s myriad dress options, an issue arises when she attempts to add the winning dress to her cart: She’s hit with that Nordstrom login page.

Maya’s not phased, since she already has the Nordstrom app installed, so she’s easily able to switch over to the app (where she’s already logged in!) and purchase the dress right away, instead of needing to manually log in (which email did she use again? What’s the password?).

A URLgenius link for Nordstrom opens to the right product screen in the app so that your shopper can engage and purchase immediately

Okay, so yay! Happy ending, right? Not exactly. Since she didn’t purchase the dress directly through you, your affiliate attribution tags didn’t get passed and you didn’t get the credit for the sale, and thus missed out on the commission.

Worry not, this is where URLgenius steps in and saves the day—as soon as you generate an affiliate mobile app URL that opens the Nordstrom app, of course.

All you need to do is simply input your Nordstrom link into the URLgenius generator found on the home page, and voila! It has been turned into a deep link/mobile app URL. Then you use that updated URL instead of the regular Amazon link. This concept applies to other marketplace apps as well, such as AmazonWalmartTarget, and Mercado Libre.

Learn more about how using URLgenius affiliate mobile app URLs on your social media posts will skyrocket your sales and commissions in this informational YouTube video!

Step-By-Step: How to Generate a Mobile App URL to Open the Nordstrom App from a Facebook Group Post

At URLgenius, we’ve perfected the process of generating your own Nordstrom affiliate app deep links, and you don’t need any technical resources and there’s nothing to install.

URLgenius - Nordstrom app deep link generator

In fact, you can follow these steps and update your campaign links right now. Open another tab in your browser and follow along.
First, create your affiliate link like you normally would and enter that link into URLgenius. If you enter the link without your affiliate tags, Nordstrom cannot measure your commission.

URLgenius-generated Nordstrom app deep link that opens from Facebook group

The Nordstrom icon is highlighted which tells you that URLgenius understands the type of link you pasted. You can customize the end of the link to match your campaign to make it easy to find later.

Click “Compose” which takes you to the settings page for your Nordstrom app deep link. You can copy it to place it into your Facebook Group. Test the behavior of the link by scanning the QR code or emailing it.

URLgenius-generated Nordstrom app QR code to open app from Facebook group

Note different features on the settings page. Contact us if you’d like a demo of all the different features.

Pro Tip: Your app deep link will look like this example but you can use your brand’s domain for all your app deep links. This helps you extend your brand name and inspire trust in the link. Watch this step-by-step video on how to brand your app links

QR Codes to Open the Nordstrom App

Doing a multi-channel campaign in coordination with your Instagram ad? Lucky for you, every URLgenius app deep link also has a corresponding QR code.
Create QR codes for products on Nordstrom and other e-commerce marketplaces, for use online or offline! Use them in posters, displays, events, tradeshows, and giveaway promotions.

URLgenius-generated Nordstrom app QR code customization to open app from Facebook group

If someone scans and buys, you’ll get the commission! Just click on ‘QR Design Studio’ to customize and download your QR code for Nordstrom.

Nordstrom App Deep Analytics

You’ll view your commission and Nordstrom traffic just like you do today that doesn’t change but URLgenius will also give you some basic reporting that you can use to understand the direction of your campaign.
At a glance, URLgenius will give you insight into how many times the app opened and if your audience has an iOS or Android device.

Nordstrom app deep link analytics visits by device opens

In addition to seeing the number of app opens, you’re able to see insights to referring URLs and apps when available—as well as the city from which your audience is clicking.

Nordstrom app deep link analytics visits by city//language/region

App deep linking to marketplace apps like Nordstrom is a great way to maximize your commissions, but you can also use URLgenius links in other channels like SMS and email.

The concept applies not only to Facebook, but to other social apps like Instagram or shopping apps like Amazon and eBay (or any other app).

Start Generating App Affiliate Deep Links and Link into the Nordstrom App to Multiply Your Commissions

More in-app engagement, more $$$—need we say more? It’s time to maximize your social media promotions with app deep links.

At URLgenius, we’re here to help! Contact us for a demo or with questions at about Nordstrom app deep links and QR codes.

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