January 11, 2024

How Influencers Can Generate Target Plus Affiliate Links to Open the App From Instagram

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It’s the year 2024, and Amazon has more than its fair share of competition when it comes to the virtual marketplace world, competition that includes Target Plus Marketplace. And no, it doesn’t stop at merely providing sellers with a great platform to grow their businesses—the similarities extend to the affiliate and influencer realms as well!

Target Partners is the official name of Target’s affiliate program and is a great way for influencers, affiliates, and bloggers to expand their commission potential across all e-commerce platforms. With this accessible program, content creators can earn up to 8% commission with each promoted sale. Not too shabby, right?

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And when it comes to influencer marketing, we all know that Instagram is probably the most popular host app for sharing affiliate links. Whether you’re promoting products via a picturesque post, an informative reel, or a time-sensitive story, you can be sure that Instagram is the place that can offer just the perfect way to appeal to your audience.

Now, getting started with the Target affiliate program might seem simple enough: take your specific product links and replace them with those spanking new affiliate links. Then, bada bing, bada boom, let the commissions roll in!

Oh, but wait! A crucial consideration: would the affiliate link open the Target app when launched from the Instagram app? (Hint: the answer is no.) Instead, it traps users in the Instagram app while redirecting them to the Target web login.

Look, it’s not Target’s fault; this sort of thing occurs with practically all other apps, but the bad news is that it frequently results in abandoned purchasing efforts.

So, wouldn’t it make more sense to lead consumers to the Target app directly from the Instagram app rather than redirecting them to the website? (Hint: the answer is yes.)

When directed from Instagram or other marketing channels, the regular Target link sends your visitor to the corresponding page on your smartphone's web browser, where they need to log in to their account to purchase, which hurts conversion and remarketing.

Most shoppers prefer the app on their smartphones, where they’re already logged in and ready to go. Switching from your Instagram post to the desired product page could be a simple process with the right type of link.

This post will outline why regular affiliate links will hinder your sales and commission rates, and how you can remedy this issue with URLgenius affiliate links that will directly open to the Target app—all without the use of any SDKs or additional technical resources!

For an illustrative guide, check out a brief video on the subject of branded app links for marketplaces.

Why Are My Target (Affiliate) Links on Instagram Not Opening in the Target App?

As we said, requiring your followers to log into the Target web page in the Instagram (or any other social media) app poses a major obstacle to their shopping journey. This obstacle is commonly referred to as the ‘walled garden,’ a phenomenon that keeps users within their current app instead of allowing the clicked link to guide them to the desired app.

At URLgenius, we are a leading platform empowering Target influencers and affiliates to enhance their Target links by incorporating app deep linking capabilities without the necessity for an SDK.

Upon updating links with URLgenius, you not only observe an immediate surge in sales and commissions, but you’ll also capture valuable engagement signals for effective remarketing. For Target sellers, this leads to a substantial increase in sales and a boost in your on-site search rankings due to the heightened sales velocity.

A URLgenius link for Target opens to the right store, shop, or product screen in the app so that your shopper can engage and purchase immediately.

Quick Tip: Keep in mind that your customers may not be familiar with the URLgenius domain. Consider using your brand’s domain for your URLgenius Target app deep links. This not only incorporates your brand into the link but also builds trust when deep linking from Instagram to the Target app.

Now, let’s talk about how you can generate Target links for your Instagram profile and campaigns. This will enable you to seamlessly link to your Target store, showcase your products, and share other Target-related content directly through Instagram.

Step-by-Step: Generate and Download an Instagram Mobile App URL to Open the Target App

Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide to generate and download an Instagram mobile app URL to open the Target app!

Begin by visiting the target page and copying the link from the address bar. This could be the link to your storefront, a specific product, or even a product category link.

URLgenius home page - Target Plus affiliate deep link generator to open

Paste the link into the provided box on the URLgenius homepage. Observe the highlighted Target icon, indicating that URLgenius recognizes the link type.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate deep link to open Target app

Customize the end of the link to align with your campaign or use pre-populated random characters for simplicity.

Click ‘Compose’ to access the settings page for your Target app deep link. Copy the link and integrate it into your Instagram ad. Test the link’s behavior by scanning the QR code or emailing it for verification.

URLgenius-generated Target Plus affiliate QR code to open Target app

Take note of the advanced features on the settings page, where you can track clicks and app opens. Enable Target Attribution tags on the link for accurate tracking of revenue driven by your Instagram campaign and URLgenius app deep link.

deep link routing options

QR Codes for the Target App

QR Codes for the Target App: If you’re running a multi-channel campaign in sync with your Instagram ad, rejoice! Every URLgenius app deep link comes with a corresponding QR code. Create a branded app deep link and custom QR code for online or offline promotion of your Target store and product listings. Simply click on ‘QR Settings’ to find and download your code.

Target Plus QR code customization

URLgenius will meticulously track scans and clicks separately, allowing you to append tags for tracking without disrupting scanning – a crucial consideration to avoid common ‘QR code fail’ scenarios.

URLgenius Is the Deep Link Between Influencer Marketing and More Target Commissions

URLgenius doesn’t merely serve as a deep link; it acts as the connective tissue between Instagram advertising and Target marketing success. As of today, Instagram continues to be the epicenter of the social media universe. If you’re a Target seller not capitalizing on direct sales from social media, you might be missing out on significant sales and remarketing opportunities. Forge a seamless bridge between the two with a URLgenius app deep link.

Rest assured, we’re committed to assisting you in your campaigns! Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions about Target marketing and deep links. Elevate your Target marketing strategy now!

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