URLgenius Case Study: JibJab Dramatically Increases App Downloads and Engagement - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

The Objective

JibJab Mobile AppJibJab is the digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing. The innovative company has pioneered the creation and distribution of online entertainment since 1999. From political satires like the 2004 smash hit “This Land” to offbeat eCards and personalized Starring You!® videos.

A key part of JibJab’s mobile strategy is the promotion of its mobile app for iOS and Android. Consumers are increasingly spending more time in their favorite mobile apps including apps like JibJab that enable users to create funny content designed to be shared with friends and family. Converting mobile website users to the JibJab mobile app for iOS and Android over time is a strategy designed to build loyalty and create new opportunities for consumer engagement.


The Challenge

Prior to using URLgenius, JibJab promoted its iOS and Android apps from its website via a dedicated landing page. The page encouraged users to download the JibJab app from the iOS and Google Play stores and linked to the JibJab entries in the stores from the standard iOS and Google app store graphics. The JibJab marketing team sends dedicated emails to customers and prospects to promote the JibJab mobile apps.


JibJab Mobile App Landing Page


The link behind the graphic in the email would lead to the dedicated landing page promoting the JibJab mobile apps. The JibJab marketing manager believed that by leading the user directly to the JibJab entries in the app stores would help increase conversion.

The challenge was to create a single link that could detect the user’s device and then send the user to the appropriate app store depending on their mobile device.


Meeting JibJab’s Deep Linking Solution Requirements

The JibJab marketing team discovered that deep linking was the solution to the problem. Deep linking typically means linking to a web page beyond the homepage but it also means linking to a mobile app or to the app stores for iOS and Android.


JibJab and URLgenius Deep Linking


URLgenius was selected because it was easy-to-use, designed for marketing and required minimal technical resources and allow for immediate implementation. For maximum reach, URLgenius also supported all browser and device configurations across iOS and Android.

“URLgenius made it incredibly easy to create a single link that routes traffic to the iOS and Android app stores. I love how you can change the landing page destination any anytime on the fly without changing the campaign link.”

– Marketing Manager, JibJab

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URLgenius Delivers Results for JibJab

The JibJab marketing team saw a dramatic increase in app downloads compared to using the mobile landing page. URLgenius links have become an important part of the JibJab’s marketing operations as it strives to increase overall JiJab app downloads and engagement. In addition, URLgenius reporting provides app-store visits across one simple dashboard while also allowing the appending of tracking parameters for web and marketing channel analytics.

Saving time and development resources, URLgenius helps solve complex mobile app marketing challenges without the need for Software Development Kits (SDKs). To create your URLgenius app-store link visit and click on the app store to create your link.

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