URLgenius Case Study: Tarte Cosmetics Dramatically Increases Snapchat Followers and Engagement - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

The Objective

Tarte Cosmetics and Snapchat Deep LinkingTarte Cosmetics is the award winning beauty brand known for high-performance naturals(TM) and skinvigorating(TM) ingredients. The innovative company is quickly growing a following on Snapchat which is perfectly aligned with its target demographic of young women. Growing the Snapchat audience was a key initiative leading up to the back to school and holiday seasons. The Tarte marketing team needed a way to promote their Snapchat profile from any marketing channel while tracking and measuring their efforts through Google Analytics.


The Challenge

Snapchat Deep Linking with URLgeniusThe team could simply place the Tarte Snapchat profile link in their campaigns behind the Snapchat icon. That approach, however, would not provide them with any analytics about which channel is driving the most Snapchat engagement or how their Snapchat audience was growing over time. To start, they needed a solution that would help them gauge what percentage of their audience currently had the Snapchat app installed across iOS and Android mobile devices. This would give them a baseline to measure their efforts as they started to promote the Tarte Snapchat profile.

Solution Requirements

A savvy Tarte Marketing manager determined that a SaaS cloud-based deep linking technology could provide the answer. The solution needed to be able to detect and open the Snapchat app on iOS or Android from the same link while supporting Google Analytics parameters. In addition, the Tarte team knew that a large percentage of their audience would not have the Snapchat app installed but might be inspired to install the social app and start following the company. For these users, the deep linking solution needed to seamlessly bring Tarte consumers and prospects to the app stores for iOS and Android to install Snapchat. Last but not least, the Tarte marketing team required a self-service deep linking solution that required minimal technical resources allowing for immediate deployment.

The Solution: URLgenius Deep Linking to Snapchat

A Tarte Cosmetics marketing manager discovered URLgenius and simply followed these steps to immediately update the Snapchat profile with unique deep linking and reporting capabilities:


  1. Deep linking to Snapchat from email and other channels.The campaign manager created a free URLgenius account at
  2. After signing in, the next step was to create a URLgenius link to company’s Snapchat profile page in this format:
  3. For integrated reporting, the UTM parameters for Google Analytics were simply appended to the URLgenius Snapchat link.
  4. In the brand’s email campaign template, the link behind the Snapchat icon was updated with the newly created URLgenius link which will also be used in other marketing channels.

”We gained thousands of followers in our first use of the product! We love the URLgenius platform and we’re planning to roll out the platform as a permanent part of our email template strategy.”
– Tarte Cosmetics Marketing Manager


The Results

The results were immediate as the Tarte marketing team easily used URLgenius to create a deep link to their Snapchat profile which could be deployed in any marketing channel. The company gained thousands of followers in their first use of the product and they were able to track what percentage of their audience clicking on the link had the Snapchat app installed for iOS and Android.

Moving forward, Tarte now plans to expand their use of the URLgenius platform and make it a permanent part of their marketing operations as they grow their fan base across social channels.


Download the PDF about deep linking