Pure Oxygen Unveils Powerful “Mobile Site Analyzer” Technology - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

Web Optimization Firm Announces Beta Release of New Technology Solution for Mobile Marketers

SANTA CLARA, Calif, April 20, 2011 — Pure Oxygen Mobile, a mobile Web optimization firm, announced its latest mobile analysis technology, called Mobile Site Analyzer, here today at the O’Reilly Where2.0 Conference.

The technology solution is designed to help marketers who run large scale websites or e-commerce sites quickly and efficiently identify site pages that may be inadvertently serving desktop pages to iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users instead of device-appropriate pages.

According to Brian Klais, Pure Oxygen founder and president, this problem impacts mobile marketing and advertiser ROI.

“More retailers are providing mobile friendly content to smartphone users than ever,” Klais said. “But for shoppers who access retailers through channels like mobile organic search, mobile paid search, or mobile social media, the same sites often fail to properly detect and connect these iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users with device-appropriate content.”

Klais cited examples from popular brands like Target and Home Depot, which have mobile friendly content is available for users who directly load their home pages. However, for mobile users who click on links found through search engines or social media campaigns, those sites serve desktop page content, not mobile content.

“The problem is usually caused by a user detection loophole on the sites,” Klais said. “This loophole leads to higher campaign bounce rates, lower conversion, and diminished ROI for mobile advertisers.”

With tools like Mobile Site Analyzer, Klais believes marketers can save time spent manually requesting each page from each major device-type to ensure a quality experience – a daunting task for marketers with thousands of site pages.

To use Mobile Site Analyzer, marketers enter the URL of their site. This could be a sitemap, or a mobile campaign landing page, or a competitor URL. The automation technology then inspect the links on the submitted page, and produces an audit-based on algorithmic analysis that determines whether each URL serves “optimal” content for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.

Once complete, marketers receive an emailed link to a summary of Mobile Site Analyzer findings, an optimization score, and page detail with best practice analysis, outlined by smartphone platform. (A sample report from Home Depot is provided here)

Armed with this information and insight, marketers can identify the pages that are causing conversion problems, and quickly apply user agent logic or site patches. “We believe technology-based tools tools like Mobile Site Analyzer will help retailers improve the mobile consumer experience, and their marketing ROI,” Klais added.

Mobile Site Analyzer is available for marketers to beta test online at shortlink

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