February 11, 2014

Say Hello to URLgenius


What do you get when you combine deep-linking capabilities with device-aware, app-friendly technology? Our newest creation, URLgenius.

Fresh from the Pure Oxygen Lab and into public beta, you can now convert your social profile links into app-seeking missiles of conversion.

URLgenius offers a simple method for making links instantly compatible with different mobile devices and apps. You can send mobile audiences directly into the app where they are signed in vs. heading down a path of abandonment, login walls and dead ends.

SEO boosters, of course

You can trust anything coming out of Pure Oxygen Labs to be built with SEO in mind. As social sharing becomes a key search ranking signal, brands can use URLgenius to make it easier for native app users to consume and share their content inside social apps for higher organic rankings.

How it works

  • Enter a web url to convert it to a genius link. You can select which iOS and Android users you want to optimize for
  • Put your new genius link anywhere your users connect with you (e.g. your mobile website, email campaigns, cross-promotions between Twitter, Facebook and G+, etc.)
  • Track app opens and other real-time stats, no account required

Feature summary

  • Real-time, web-to-app stats
  • No account creation required
  • SEO-ified links for higher ranking content
  • Differentiate between desktop, mobile, web and apps
  • Similar to — and compatible with — link shorteners
  • Use anywhere on- or offline
  • Always-ready, always on
  • Backed by redundant, enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • #NoMoreAnnoyingLoginPages

URLgenius is simple and free to use, not to mention it generates the best-dressed links on the mobile web. But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

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