July 6, 2016

URLgenius Choice Page Controls: Let Your Audience Choose Between Mobile App and Mobile Website

URLgenius choice page app or browserOver the past few years, many of today’s ecommerce leaders have increased their investments in mobile apps. Now approximately half of the Internet Retailer 500 has an app for iOS or Android or both. Many of those apps are enabled with URL schemes which allow deep linking from web browsers and other apps.

In competing with the Amazon shopping app, retailers need to optimize app vs. web in ways that inspire customer loyalty. Deep linking to mobile apps from display, paid search, email, social and affiliate will help make your brand app a favorite among consumers.

In addition, as mobile apps mature and as marketers think more deliberately about when to send traffic to app vs. web, it is increasingly important to understand customer preferences. The preference for opening the app vs. website may change depending on consumer intent, promotion, marketing channel and mobile moment.

The URLgenius platform makes it easy to create a link that can present the consumer with a choice between mobile app and mobile website. URLgenius now allows marketers to enable or disable a choice page or set it to display for a certain percentage of clicks.

URLgenius Choice Page Settings Step-by-Step

  1. Create your URLgenius account.
    • Or sign-in if you already have an account.
  2. Create a URLgenius link
    • Copy a link from your website
    • Paste it into the box provided (screenshot below). Note: If your app has not been added to the @URLgenius platform just send us a note at There is no fee!URLgenius deep linking to retail apps.
  3. Now select “Dashboard” in the upper right corner
    • You’ll see a list of your links
    • Find the one you just created
    • Click on the link from the first column

You will now be on the settings page for your URLgenius link.  The second section contains the choice page controls.

URLgenius app vs. web choice page settings

By default, the choice page is set to display for 2% of clicks. Marketers can increase or decrease the how often the choice page will display.  When rolling out a new version of your mobile app you may want to increase the display of the choice page.  When you are confident that your consumers prefer your app, you can decrease the display of he choice page to auto-open your app when detected. Choice page benefits include:

  • Understanding customer preferences for app vs. web across marketing channels and mobile moments
  • Increasing app installs (selecting “Open in App” from the choice page when the app is not installed will send users to your entry in the app-store for iOS an\or Android).
  • A branded, more integrated consumer journey for your app and website. You can customize the URLgenius choice page to align it with your brand, logo or campaign to create a more branded consumer experience.

Paying customers of the URLgenius platform have full control over the choice page settings. Contact us for more information.

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